"Reading The Past" Podcast

The Website

Reading The Past is a podcast concept created for a personal project of blog creation. For this website, I chose an understated and classical style to reflect the podcast’s literary theme.

In order to showcase the episodes, a tiled layout shows an overall view and allows listeners to chose what they want to listen to easily. The layout draws the attention and make users want to click to know more.

Each episodes has an article blog page giving informations about the work done behind the scene to create a podcast episode.

The Graphic Design

For this project, I created a vector logo in an illustrated style common for podcast’s logos. I chose colors that embody sophisticated literature as well as a calm and cozy reading atmosphere.

I also illustrated 4 covers for classics of literature and incorporated them in mock-up; a minimalis cover, focusing on typography for Frankenstein

For Alice In Wonderland and the The Portrait of Dorian Gray, I designed illustrated vectorial covers in two very different styles.

Finally for Pride and Prejudice, I drew a more traditional looking illustration in a romantic style.